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Oberon attends the World Sabbath

On Sunday, March 19, I attended the World Sabbath, 2023, hosted by the Interfaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit, ILCMD. It was my first time attending the grand event and as a credentialed priest (through Covenant of the Goddess) I was invited to be there, with all the other invited clergy of Metro Detroit.

It was a full program of music, prayer, culture and pageantry, and honored Raman Singh, executive director of the council, with its Peace Award. The program began with a 3-fold blessing. The Sounding of the Shofar, a ram’s horn used by Jews from ancient times as a call to action. This was followed by the Muslim Call to Prayer which also serves as a notice to Muslims. Then the Blowing of the Conch Shell, a tradition from Hinduism, and one that notes the concept of pluralism. Children and others sang songs, read prayers and waved flags or other colorful objects. People from diverse traditions like Zoroastrian, Quaker, Baha’i, and Sikh traditions all had a part in this event too. After presentation of Raman Singh’s award, the assembled clergy, about 30 of us, came on stage to recite the Commitment to be Resilient/Interfaith Pledge: “I believe that we are called to lift each other up, that we are stronger standing together, that our differences are a blessing, that empathy and love reveal the path to peace, and that justice will prevail, because each of us is Beloved. Therefore, I commit to answer intolerance with goodwill, live by faith and hope, not fear, and seek understanding and friendship, whenever I can, stand with those facing prejudice and injustice, meet resistance with resiliency as I build the Beloved Community each day.” The event was attended by at least a couple hundred folks, many who come from their own local Interfaith communities, like the Troy Interfaith Group, TIG, which I’ve been active with for a few years. I’m proud to mention that I’ve become a member of the TIG’s leadership team. Detroit has always been viewed as an example of true melting-pot diversity, for many decades if not hundreds of years. I’m delighted that the religious diversity is so strong too and now one more flavor of Faith is present in this brew. Cauldron or melting pot, it still stirs and blends well. May we all, always Blessed Be!

In addition to our work with Tarot and divination, I am involved in Interfaith communities hoping to engender peace and good will to all. "We are each, cultivated earth" - Oberon

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