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Sharing the Love: Some 3-Card Spreads For Super Tarot Love Month

Well, it's that happy time for all of us here at TFT (Mr. O, our Cats, and I)...Super Tarot Love Month! I thought I'd share some love and offer a variety of free, 3-card love readings on our livestreams this month that the romantically-minded in our audience might want to try. As I thought about it, I decided to post the 3-card spreads here so that others who read the Tarot may want to give some of these a test-drive.

I love 3-card spreads...really, they are the backbone of Tarot reading. In a way, they are like the haiku of Tarot, LOL! Haiku traditionally has 3 lines. 3-card spreads get right down to the heart of the matter; the main things people want to know. They are quick, easy, very customizable...and easy to expand into bigger readings if more information is needed. I will try to demonstrate this here with a couple of the spreads. I often equate this to the concept of "Build a Bear" a Tarot Reading that you can change wardrobes on (modify the spread questions). Or, add accessories to (expand the spread by adding more questions/cards as needed). The reading above is a general one about what is currently happening in your love life.

Here's a nice first impressions spread for those who are dating and checking out prospective partners or for those who are early in a relationship. You may feel you have nothing in exactly why are you attracted to this person and ultimately, will you click? Mr. O thought this graphic looked a little stalker-like...not my intent; I was just being a little silly with that!

We are often asked what's on a person/partner's mind. This spread has that covered along with what's on your mind and where all this may be leading. Sometimes we are confused about our own feelings when we are head over heels into a relationship. So we want to give the client some food for thought in that regard as well. This reading could be used for an existing relationship or you could change the wording slightly to make it for a "prospective partner" if you have a person of interest in mind but aren't yet in a relationship.

BFFs sometimes turn to BLFs if you know what I mean...this reading is about the prospects of a friendship turning into an intimate partnership and certainly, this reading could be expanded to cover more aspects of this dynamic (for example a question like: "How will our friends react/treat us if we became lovers?")

A love question that come up quite frequently on our live shows is: what will a future spouse or married life be like? Here's a reading that broadly addresses that. Some people may be engaged already and may just want to know what married life will be like. Others may want to know more about who they are going to meet and marry as well as what their lives together will be like. So questions like these could be added to this reading: "Tell me something about my future spouse/partner, what will they be like?" "How will we get along with each others' parents/families?" "How will we work together to manage problems/crises?" "Will we be there to support each other in our senior years?"

Now, as we know, Valentines day or not, sometimes love hurts. So I'm including a couple of spreads tackling some of the challenges we face in our intimate relationships. Here's a spread concerning a relationship that has experienced a Tower's fallen apart. Is there hope for a resurrection/reconciliation here or is it time to move on? Whenever we do ANY Tarot readings, we do remind people that the Tarot is not absolute destiny. These readings are here to give you things to consider as you move through your life experiences, whether going through challenging or good times. Ultimately you are the master of your own fate!

Next, we tackle the topic of divorce/separation directly. This reading is about how a person is doing after their divorce/separation is final. What they may still need to let go of and how they can heal and move on now.

I also added a Past Love reading and a Soul Mate reading into the mix as well. So many people wonder when and/or if they will ever meet their soul mate. I tell people to keep in mind that just because you may not meet that soul mate in this lifetime doesn't mean you are destined to be single or in a miserable relationship in this life.

We have a lot of fun doing past life-themed livestreams. But on our regular livestreams, we sometimes do get past life questions, and some are love-related. Here's a 3-card spreads that looks at the impact a relationship in a past life may have on your present life and whether or not you have (or will cross paths with this soul in this lifetime. Clearly you could add a lot more nuance to this spread and expand it to include more details on what that life was like. What this person was like in that life, and more.

Sometimes less IS more! Three-card readings can provide a wealth of information. I hope you have a chance to give some of these readings a try or that they inspire you to come up with some of your own. Don't be afraid to tinker like a mad scientist and re-arrange, re-write, re-tool (add more cards), any of these spreads. Make them your own! And have yourself a Happy Super Tarot Love Month! --Banshee ShadowWolf

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