Your Weird Week

For May 23 - 30, 2022

Your Weird Week is my weekly. and collective forecast which I publish on Instagram first then add to this blog with maybe some other thoughts. It is intended to look at things from an abnormal, atypical point of view, using the decks Tarot Del Toro, the Uncommon Tarot, the Deviant Moon Tarot and the Tarot of Oppositions.

Recently I felt that the readings may also serve as an ad hoc type reading for the World and/or the State of the World, World affairs and so on.

Uncommon Tarot: Focus or environment

Reversed Queen of Swords: Decisions must be made and though they seem harsh, they may be the best solutions for the greater number of lives affected. As the feel of ‘legal’ connotations and issues of true transparency being obscured, I’d say this could be about abortion rights.

Deviant Moon: What is discovered- or needs to be

Judgement upright: Again with the cards that speak to legal decisions or judgements. In the context of card 1 and possible abortion rights question, this could be saying it may not be known, still secret, but things weigh towards spiritual morality. A decision or judgment based on religious or spiritual basis.

Tarot of Oppositions: Differing or opposing points of view to consider

King of Cups: This card is placed sideways indicating that there is fluidity between the upright and reversed meaning. I feel this card could be saying pronouncements will be heard by major religious figures. Possibly even the Pope. But I don’t expect this to necessarily strengthen either side.

Tarot del Toro: What wins the weird? What outcomes or strategies may be involved?

Ace of Wands, upright. Is it possible that a new status quo arises? Would that be a compromise, especially to the side that never seems to? Things begin with energy and intense needs to transform. If nothing else I think a new dialog could open, possibly bringing a new understanding.

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