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Banshee here. Welcome to our new website and to our blog! The is where Mr. O and I will write and share our thoughts, magical experiences, life experiences, creative writing, and our ideas and tips on Tarot, Divination, Magick, Witchcraft, Spirituality, Health & Wellness, and all things metaphysical or paranormal! Did I cover everything? I hope so.

Putting this webpage (and this business) together has certainly been a learning curve for both me and Mr. O, and I am sure there are some bugs on this website. So, if you spot things that are not working, please be kind when you let us know as we are very new at all of this!

There are so many people we have to thank for their help and support. We hope to make space on our webpage to thank supporters, loyal followers, and subscribers on all our social media platforms. But a special thanks goes out right now to our son "MonsterH", for all of his technical support and encouraging us to get on YouTube and social media to do what we do. And we can't forget our granddaughter, May, for creating our TFT Logo/Avatar (at the age of 13!). She has a bright future ahead.

There will be a few more introductory blog posts to come where we tell a little bit more about ourselves and our work here and on our YouTube channel, then we'll open this thing up to more Tarot, spiritual, and other topics.

So far, this has been an extremely rewarding experience because of all the connections, contacts, and friends we've made on this journey up to this point. And, we are only just beginning. So let's have some fun together, learn, enlighten, and support one another. Looking forward to what the future has in store and we hope you join us!

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