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FRC: Frequently Recurring Cards: They Are Trying To Get Your Attention...Are You Listening?

Frequently recurring cards (the same card(s) coming up over & over again)…what do they mean to those of us Tarot/Oracle readers who read cards for themselves (or others) on a regular or semi-regular basis? I’d like to share some of my thoughts on this topic with you.

First, let’s rule in (or out) this elephant in the room. Could it be cards are sticking together, the way you shuffle, or the age (or quality) of your deck? Sure that can absolutely play a role. If you suspect that may be true, before you buy a replacement deck, why not try scattering cards face down on your table after shuffling/cutting them, close your eyes while you pick them out one at a time, & draw the cards that way for some readings to see if you are still getting the same results. If you are, there may be more to the card repetition than meets the eye.

When Mr. O & I (TFT) do our cards of the day (COTDs) for the collective on social media, we use a different deck each week. We pull the cards (after both of us thoroughly shuffle them) from a pile of cards we scatter about on our table. So we take any repetition of cards we get seriously. When we do our live shows, we both shuffle (switching up the order so that we rotate who cuts the cards for a particular reading), & we do still get repeats.

Also, when we are each using separate Lenormand decks to add Lenormand cards to a live reading, or pulling from a pouch of Lenormand tiles, we frequently get repeats. But, then again, the Lenormand is traditionally only a 36-card deck, so size of the oracle deck you're using may matter here or could be taken into consideration.

When cards fall or drop out of a deck, some people will just put them back in, others will only read cards that drop in that manner, while others will consider it a sign that the message of that card carries great importance to the seeker & is desperately trying to get the seeker’s attention. You should decide on wether or not you want to assign a special significance to cards that keep coming up in readings.

So, what does it mean when cards keep coming out in readings over & over again?

1. It may mean nothing has changed…the message is the same (especially if you are asking the same or similar question again). It could also indicate that some other aspect of that card’s energy is coming in to play now that you need to address or work with.

2. It could indicate that a cycle of change or growth (or any other activity or message indicated by that card) is still in process. You are still moving through it.

3. It could mean you still haven’t gotten the memo (or message), & the cards want to hammer that home to you till you get it. The card may continue to come up until you acknowledge it, act on it, or until it becomes a moot point.

4. The action or outcome that the card is pointing to has yet to occur. It’s a reminder (or warning) that it is coming (so be prepared, LOL)!

5. If it is a reading for the collective, it may indicate that bigger issues are at play than what’s going on in individuals’ everyday lives. Societal or global concerns…something that affects us all rather than just our individual, everyday lives. If it’s a reading for the individual, it could also mean societal, or outside forces beyond your control may be affecting you personally.

Let’s look at an example that TFT had in recent months with our COTDs. At the end of one, week we drew the Tower, reversed for Thursday & the Sun, reversed on Friday. The next week, Monday’s COTD was the Sun, reversed & Tuesday’s COTD was the Tower, reversed. So not only did they each fall 2 days in a row for the collective (both times in reverse) in a 7-day period, they also fell in reverse order. And, as a reminder, we used a different deck each week.

To me, this is a synchronicity that I couldn’t ignore. The Tower reversed (in short) can indicate some unpleasant negative cycle or turn of events that keeps repeating itself because the person isn’t making the changes necessary to move on. The Sun Reversed, can indicate being stuck in negative thought patterns, depression, setbacks, a lack of enthusiasm or motivation; success seems elusive.

So, at the end of one week, we found ourselves facing a situation we can’t avoid, but keep trying to because we don’t want to face it. Then we have the Sun reversed saying we are stuck in negative thought patterns and facing setbacks or little success (this would seem directly related to the Tower card the day before).

On Monday/Tuesday of the next week, we are still experiencing (Sun, reversed) setbacks and little forward progress making us still feel depressed and stuck in a wave of negative thinking. Getting the Tower reversed the next day is really trying to hammer home what the problem is how you need to get back on track. You need to stop clinging to what is not working, let it fall away, and make the necessary changes in your life you need to make. Break the cycle of negativity so you can move in a positive direction.

This is one way of looking at it. You can use my five points above this example to consider what these types of repetitions and synchronicities may mean to you or whoever you are reading for based on where your intuition leads you, of course. But, whatever you do, don’t ignore them. The cards are repeating themselves for a reason, so pay attention. --Banshee ShadowWolf

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