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Staying Connected: an Exercise to Link Up With Loved Ones On the Other Side

This is a very sacred and emotional 2-3 day period for me. It’s my Daddy’s birthday today (November 12, 1912). I still call him "daddy" because he left his physical body (due to a massive heart attack) at the age of 54, when I was just 10-year-old. A proud veteran of WWII he marched in every Memorial Day parade. So, Veteran’s Day and his Birthday are happy times for me as I remember the brief time we shared together.

Also, on the date of November 13, I lost both my aunt and my mother (her sister) 6 years apart on that date. Now that’s a story for another time (or you could watch my Soul Story about this beautiful synchronicity on TFTs YouTube channel).

Today, I decided to do an exercise I perform every once in a while. I had my “Ancestor Spirit Oracle Cards” nearby (by Jade-Sky; c2021, Blue Angel Publishing) and decided to pull 2 cards from that deck today. I asked for:

  1. A message to me from my father, and then

  2. A message from my Aunt Mary and my mother (who were pretty much inseparable later in life).

Of all the cards in this deck, I think these 2 definitely sound like what my mom, aunt, & daddy, would be saying to me right now, so I tried to put the interpretation into their own words. Now, of course the card interpretation on it's own is important and you should take in that message...but, how would your loved one on the other side deliver that message to you? Here's what my Dad, Mom & Aunt had to say.

My Dad's message...

Daddy (throwing his arms up in the air): “When are you going to clean up your act and let go of some of this stuff sitting around here? Someone else could use some of these things you have sitting in boxes and on shelves, you know. That’s why you have so much trouble finding the things you really need.”

(Abbreviated card meaning; Stop rushing around and keeping yourself busy all the time; simplify your life, declutter, keep what's important and discard or donate the rest; slow down and start enjoying the simple things in life again. Spend some quality time with family/friends.)

My Mom & Aunt's message...

Mom (shaking her head from side to side): “I don’t know how the hell you are still alive; with all the crap you eat…you’re going to be sorry someday. You need to change your ways before it’s too late”.

Aunt (pulling me aside & whispering in my ear): “Not feeling well? A shot of this in your tea will do the trick! Don’t put off seeing a doctor and make sure you tell him everything that’s wrong with you…here’s the family history you can show him” –Yes, she kept a family history of everyone’s ailments (considering there were 10 siblings, that was a lot of history)!

(Abbreviated card meaning: Feeing sluggish or unbalanced? You are what you eat, so watch what you're putting into your body...make the right choices. You know what's best for you; everyone reacts to food differently. Take charge of your health and wellbeing; folk remedies or natural therapies may help.)

This is just a rough example of something I started doing when I want a message from a family member or friend who is no longer here:

  • I ask my cards (tarot or oracle) for a message.

  • I think about the interpretation or look over the booklet.

  • Then I visualize and think (and occasionally write down) about how that person would relay that message to me in their own words (or actions).

  • For more depth, I sometimes choose to make it a 2-way conversation and have a discussion with the person I’m connecting with.

  • If I want to keep the conversation going or want an additional message or clarification, I draw 1 or more cards as desired.

  • I thank them for the message(s). Then, I either light a candle, say a prayer, or donate something to charity or a cause in their memory.

This exercise makes me feel connected to them, that they are still near, and are watching over me. It also helps bring back memories that may have been forgotten over time. It’s also a nice way to examine aspects of your relationship with that person. Would they really say that and in that manner to that really how they were? Do you have some things you need to say to them?

Give this technique (or something similar) a try. Another thing to try is to go back further to ancestors you never met and try the same technique. See if you can imagine what their life was like (if you have no knowledge of them to fall back on) and how they would speak this message to you. I've been thinking lately of trying to connect with my maternal grandmother (who died before I was born and I don't know much about) in this way.

With the veil still thin, and in honor of the lives (and my love) for my mother, father, and aunt, I thought I would share this little exercise with you. If you have your own special method of connecting with your dear ones on the other side, please share them. I'd love to hear them. --Banshee ShadowWolf

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