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Talk to Us! Reserve a Spot At One of our First Two Sessions of TFTs Tarot Talks!

What Is Tarot Talks & How to Get an Invitation

You want to actually talk to us instead of typing in our chats or sending messages to us at our YouTube Channel, website, or on social media? Here's an opportunity. We are creating a monthly or bi-monthly program called TFTs Tarot Talks to get closer to our subscribers & followers & provide the opportunity talk Tarot & more with us. Future program content will vary and will include: games, mini readings, product information, tips, world or other predictions, & there will be time to ask us any questions about Tarot/Divination, etc., or our crazy lives, LOL!

TFT wants to invite a limited number of our followers & supporters to 1 of 2, 45-minute Zoom programs. Because we want to make this get-together an intimate experience, we are limiting sessions to no more than 15 people. Both sessions will feature the same content.

Why are we doing this? We want to commiserate with our subscribers & followers informally, provide some entertaining, enlightening content & have some good conversations.

Want to try to secure an invitation? Here's what you need to do.

  1. You must subscribe to our Youtube Channel + either our website or 1 or more of our other social media channels to be considered.

  2. We need you to contact us at (if you are a follower on any of our social media, you can also DM us there. You will need to let us know which session you prefer: Wednesday's or Friday's.

  3. We will also need you to give us an e-mail address where we can send the link to the zoom meeting. We will send out all invitations for both events on Tuesday, February 14.

  4. Deadline for signing up for this is Monday, February 13, so don't delay.

  5. And you have to pay...WAIT, you don't have to pay anything! This is totally free!

Please don't feel bad if we do not include you in one of these 2 trial sessions. There will be other opportunities to attend Tarot Talks in the future.

We know this is very short notice, but we've decided to run a few of these as tests. Eventually we hope to expand TFT's Tarot Talks to an hour-long event that you will be able to sign up for on TFT's website. Even though it's a test, we hope to have a great mini-program for you and some lively conversation. Come talk tarot & more with us & help us get this program ready for a full launch in the near future.

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