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Temperance Time

Temperance is here

to illustrate

the benefits you get when

you moderate.

When you take excess stuff off

your plate,

body, mind & spirit

will reintegrate.

So don’t get strung out

or vegetate.

There is no reason to


not when you can make some time

to meditate.

It can help improve your

mental state.

Perhaps you just need to lose

some weight,

exercise, and boost your

metabolic rate.

Eat healthy and make sure

to hydrate...

it’s something your body

will appreciate.

Something in which we all

can relate,

Surfing thru too much media

can frustrate.

Just dial it down and


adopt healthier hobbies that stimulate.

Let Temperance set the

record straight:

moderation is not a word

you should hate.

Sometimes we just need a

change of state...

it’s my hope that this message

will resonate!

--Banshee ShadowWolf c.2021

*I find the spring & fall equinoxes the perfect times to meditate and reflect on the message of this Tarot card.

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