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Whooo’s Knocking on Your Door & Why? The Spirit(s) Speak Spread

Haunting Halloween Season Tarot/Oracle Readings: a series by Banshee, Part 1


Who doesn’t like to read their cards during Halloween season, when the veil is thin? Certainly not me…and that’s why I wanted to share some ideas with you. This multi-part series features simple, 3-card readings with themes that are appropriate to explore anytime, but in particular may be fun to do at this time of year. They do lend themselves to the type of inner work or explorations you may be doing during the dark-half of the year.


This first 3-card spread I am sharing with you has undergone several modifications and after using it on our most recent live stream, I was still rather unsatisfied with the structure (the questions) in the reading so I gave it a bit of a makeover. I feel it’s more ready for prime-time now!

Do you feel someone (or something) is trying to come through to you from the other side of the veil and you would like to know why? What do they want and what should you do? By looking at the cards that come up, you may be able to determine if it is a familial spirit, the spirit of someone you know maybe even a pet) who has recently passed on. But the main thing is to try to take a look at intent and what you should do, if anything, about it.

Here’s a sample reading I did for myself to show you how it works. I'm using the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt (Stamford, Connecticut: U.S. Games Systems, Inc., c2011). I drew the cards at random after shuffling and cutting in my usual manner. So here goes...!

CARD 1: 5 of Cups (upright) -- I could look at this 3-ways here. This could indicate someone is trying to contact me because they feel sorrow or sadness related to their passing, or they want to ease my sorrow at their passing. It could also mean that they wanted to let me know they had left something behind for me that I don't know about. Or they want to comfort me at a low point in my life, at a time maybe when I feel I've lost everything. They want to let me know that all is not lost.

Card 2: Fool (Reversed) – The spirit may want to caution me not to take any risks at this time or foolish gambles. They may be worried I might be putting myself in jeopardy through some sort of reckless behavior. On the other hand, they may be telling me that I am hesitating to move forward with my life out of fear and insecurity and they want me to know that they are here to encourage me to take that step into the unknown.

Card 3: Chariot (Reversed) – What should I do? Possibly nothing is the best advice…stand still. Definitely nothing so far as having to dispel or protect myself from this spirit as it seems as though it’s trying to protect me from myself right now. It could also back up the message of the Fool reversed card by saying I am about to take a wrong turn…go down a dark alley I should avoid. It’s saying don’t do that! Regain control and focus and be sure that what I am doing is in my best interests.

Reading summary: Here’s what I feel the overall message for me was. I feel this is not a dark entity knocking on my door, but one that wishes to offer me a warning or some advice. Though I feel all may be lost, it’s not. Just don’t be careless/reckless in an attempt to change my conditions/my fortunes. Stay on course and don’t perform any unethical or unsavory actions in order to get to where I want to be. Make sure I have my best interests at heart.

There are many possible ways I could have interpreted this combination of cards, but that summation is where my intuition led me.

Hopefully you will find this reading useful to you. Of course you should add clarifying cards wherever you think is necessary or go ahead and ask, add-on more questions. I leave it to you, your needs, & your imagination to make these readings I will be sharing with you, your own.

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